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How can I arrange a consultation?
Once you contact me by email we can arrange the best time for you to come in and discuss your ideas in person with me when I am available. We can then look over your ideas and images and discuss what will work or look good.

How much?
The cost of the tattoo will depend on the size and amount of work involved. I work on an hourly rate of £80 per hour. Minimum charge is also £80. I do a day rate of £400. For the day rate you pay for 5, but I work up to 6. This means you can save some money. I only charge for the time spent tattooing, so if we lose time on breaks or preparation then that won’t be included.

How long have you been tattooing?
I currently have 10 years experience as a full time professional tattooist. Before that I was an apprentice collectively for over 2 years.

Where are you currently working?
I currently work in the UK, at Dragons Forge Tattoo Studio in Leicester. Previously I have worked at a couple of other studios. Also in the past I have worked at tattoo conventions. At the moment I am not planning to work any more conventions but may consider it for the right convention in the future.

Do you design custom artwork for my tattoo?
It all depends on what you want and how flexible you are. Most custom designs take a lot of time to prepare. I don’t charge for drawing so to invest time in something it has to be the right project. Generally most customers want similar things from wall flash designs or more commonly from something they have seen on Google or the Internet. If you want something exact and are not flexible then that doesn’t leave much room for customisation or creativity. When you contact me with your ideas we can discuss what you have in mind, and the optimum way to get the best tattoo.

How can I show you what I like or am thinking?
If you can collect lots of images to show me what you like and help me visualise your ideas. These can be from magazines, the internet, social media, your own sketches and drawings etc.

How can I get a quote?
When you contact me via the contact page form I will get in touch to discuss your ideas. Once we have a definite idea of what we are doing I should have a rough idea of how long it will take. If it is something small to medium then it will be easier to give you a quote on the time and cost. If it is something large scale such as a sleeve or bigger then it will just be charged on time and done one session or day at a time.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
It is 18 by law, no exceptions.

I want a tattoo on my face, neck, hands or head. Will you do it?
All public skin tattoos are judged on a case by case basis. I always reserve the right to refuse to do something. If I think something is a bad idea or won't work then I will refuse. If you have no or little coverage and you want something public or extreme then I will probably refuse. If you are young and just want something stupid because you think it will give you street credibility and get you laid then I will refuse. It may be your life and choice but it is also mine to refuse. I won't do anything I am not happy with or feel a customer will regret and will therefore be a mistake.
Before getting public skin tattoos it is the tradition to get your body mostly full first. Someone once said you wouldn't just wear gloves and a scarf without clothes. Neck, hands, face and head tattoos are the same.
Goes the same for designs that I feel are stupid or offensive.
However you feel about it I always reserve the right to refuse.

It is my first tattoo and I am nervous, does it hurt?
You will feel something but generally most people don't find it too bad. At best it is OK. At worst it is annoying and as time goes on it gets a bit sore.
If it is your first time there is no need to worry. We will go at your speed so you can have a stretch or break for the toilet, smoke or food whenever you need it.

How can I prepare for my tattoo?
A good nights sleep and a good breakfast. A relaxed frame of mind will help you get in your mental zone and reduce your awareness of how the tattoo is feeling. Feel free to bring your mp3 player to listen to your music if it helps you relax or a book. Also bring some energy drinks and snacks to keep your energy up.

How long is the waiting time for an appointment?
Waiting time depends on the tattoo you want and the time of year. Generally summer is busiest and more in demand so the wait will be longer. Also Saturday is usually more in demand than a week day so if you can only do a Saturday you may have a longer wait. Waiting time will also depend on the amount of prep work I need to do for your tattoo.

When is the best time to pop in for a chat?
My appointments vary from day to day. Once you get in touch we can work out a mutual time for a consultation. In the consultation I can give you my undivided attention as we discuss ideas and I look at your reference images. We can talk at length. Once we have a plan we are both happy with I can take a deposit fee. We can then look at the diary to book you or arrange that later once preperation has been completed.